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Heaven Will Wait - Never Give Up is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is made up of loving & caring people who have a loved one touched by the disease of addiction. So many of our loved ones have been affected by this growing epidemic and we are here to help those affected & let them know that they are not alone.

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We Do…

We go out to the streets to help those directly hit by this epidemic, and provide them with love, support and necessities. We help with clothing for those on the streets, treatment centers and recovery houses. We build relationships with those on the streets, so that when they are ready for treatment, they know to call us and we will be there for them to help them before and during treatment. Our goal is to help everyone see that recovery is possible.

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Our Team

Meet some members of our team.

Dana Ritchie

Dana is the Founder of Heaven Will Wait-Never Give Up and is involved in the daily operations of this 501c3 non-profit organization. Dana is married to her husband Joe Ritchie who also helps out with this group a lot just behind the scenes. They both together run a contracting company for 20 plus years and have a 22 year old daughter in college. Dana and her family have been touch by addiction throughout their entire lives. Dana spends a lot of her time organizing our group. She oversees all our activities from Ladies Night at Prevention Point, street outreach, blessing bag parties, motivates all the team leads, community awareness events, drives people to treatment, assist individuals to achieve their personal goals, guide and direct those who need treatment into recovery. She mentors and assist individuals to achieve their personal goals, make connections, and improve their overall sense of wellness. As she provides strategy and support for the team, she also jumps in where needed to assist!

Julie Marchiano

Julie is our Facebook moderator and is involved in the daily operations of Never Give up. Julie jumps in wherever needed, from running street outreach outing, Prevention Point Ladies Night, sorting clothing, pickups and drop offs. She is super sweet person and very passionate about helping others. Julie loves to volunteer because to her it is the most humbling thing you can do, when someone is sick and suffering to be there for them. Julie has family members and friends that struggle with drug addiction each day! She believes volunteering sets a good example for her kids. She feels it is important for adults to be a role model for the younger generation, so that when they are older they are most likely to do the same. The best reason to volunteer is to share the love. Volunteering builds empathy and strengthens social bonds. Just to give back and the reaction you get is so worth it in the end. The people you help at the end of the day will show you love compassion so thankful and so grateful.

Phyllis Duffy

Phyllis is a 60 year old widow and works full time job. She enjoys socializing and helping people. She joined Never Give Up in December 2016 due to her son’s addiction problem. Phyllis went with Julie to Prevention Point Ladies Night one evening and has been there ever since, she loves working with the homeless and those struggling with addiction. Phyllis is such a hard worker and is indispensable to us here at Never Give Up. She offers so much compassion and builds such awesome relationships with those in active addiction. Phyllis jumps in where needed. Phyllis is our main go to person for Prevention Point Ladies night and storage organization unit.

Jerry Burns

Jerry struggled with drug addiction for many years. Volunteering is an excellent way to support your recovery from addiction. After completing an intensive program of addiction treatment you may feel invigorated and ready to take on the world. It could also be that you feel lost and unsure what to do next. Many people find themselves without purpose post-rehab. For a long time your reason for getting up each day was to get high or drunk. Now you need a new purpose. For this and many other reasons, you might want to consider devoting some of your time to volunteer work. Being an addict in recovery comes with a lot of baggage, including plenty of guilt and shame. You likely worked on getting past those feelings while in rehab, but they tend to linger. During your addictive days you were selfish and selfabsorbed. Now is your time to give back, help others, and be a little selfless. Volunteer work can be a great way to mitigate those negative feelings of shame and guilt. By volunteering to help others in need you can help repay your debt to society. Even if you did not cause major problems while an addict, you certainly were not contributing in a positive way. By volunteering you not only give back, you also help yourself to start to feel self-worth again. You will matter to people who need you, and that can be a powerful agent for making more positive changes in your life. When you feel better about your purpose you will also be less tempted to relapse. Many addicts in recovery are eager to give back by helping other addicts. It is a noble sentiment to want to help others like you, but there are potential pitfalls. For some recovering addicts it is essential to get away from the world of drugs and alcohol entirely, at least for a period of time. Jerry is loving, compassionate and the funniest guy you will ever meet, but he will also be the first person to literally give you his shirt off his back and shoes right off his feet. Jerry is a very valuable asset to our group and we have watched him grow in a positive direction throughout his recovery

Leon and Debbie

This husband and wife team has touched the hearts of Never Give Up with each having their own special gifts that they bring to NGU. Debbie is awesome and dedicated to helping the women on Tuesday Nights at Prevention Point. Leon is amazing out there in the streets talking with those who need hope and love. Leon and Debbie both share love, understanding, gentleness, compassion and we all here just love these couple.




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